• Exercise with CONFIDENCE….STAY Odor Free
  • ELIMINATE Stink from your Clothes, Gear, & Shoes
  • Launder LESS — Clothes Last LONGER
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Must Purchase 16 ounces of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (SEPARATELY)

What People are Saying

Amazing stuff! 4 kids

Amazing stuff! 4 kids, 2 of which compete in sweaty sports like soccer. I treated their cleats and shin guards and the sweaty car smell is no more. I also treated my running shoes and workout gear. Works thru multiple washes. I know longer fear the teenage sports boy smell. Now just to get all their friends to use it.

Awesome for Lacrosse gear!

We bought this for our boys who play lacrosse. It worked awesome! We treated the lacrosse bags and they used to just hit you with the he stink, now they really don't smell at all! Treated their jerseys and they can actually wear them 2-3 times, which normally was impossible! Highly recommend! Awesome ?

Keeps the odor away

I used InvisiArmor on my workout gear and the "workout smell" finally went away. After numerous washes following the application the odor has stayed away. 5 stars!

I read that this is good for multiple washes

I got this stuff to spray on my tactical vest (I work in law enforcement and wear it into some funky environments and its too hard to wash cause you have to remove all the gear... first aid, ammo, cuffs....). Since its hard to know whether I catch anything from the vest, I decided to test this stuff for effectiveness on my gym clothes. We have a gym at work, so I treated a set of workout gear, used it about 4 times a week for about 6 weeks without washing it (so, about 24 intensive workouts), then I had to travel on business for two weeks and left the clothes in my locker. When I returned, my under armor shirt and shorts still smelled fresh. - They got a little stiff with sweat so I recently washed them. (yes I know its gross, but in the name of science, and I'm around law enforcement anyway so we are not so sensitive). Normally, I carry a set of workout gear into work in a gym bag and have to change out the stuff in the locker after a run (I can usually get two or three weight lifts out of it). I read that this is good for multiple washes, so that's my next test.... to see if its still effective after multiple washes. Anyway, not sure of the science, but if it fights the funk on my workout gear I assume it helps keep germs from growing on my tactical gear.